If foam rolling is cool, I’m Miles Davis!

It’s amazing to me how running can change my outlook from sheepish to She-Ra in 2.6 seconds, especially after a crap-tastic week.


(How I envision myself while running)


(What I really look like.)

I had my first breakthrough run in my rehabbing this week.

It’s really beautiful here. Does it look COLD? Because it was COLD. That’s 39 degrees with a wind blowing off of the water, folks.

Three learnings this week:

1. The power of visualization – I’m running with a sense of calm, instead of dreadfully waiting for the next stab of pain to come. I’m visualizing a symphony inside my hip.  One in which my TFL and Glute Med are no longer in a fierce competition for first chair violin. And the symphony’s playing Nelly Furtado’s “Spirit Indestructible.”

2. I might be a WEE bit superstitious about this awesome green, Jacksonville Running Company tech shirt, a Christmas present from my favorite running buddy, JJ.  It’s my  color, green, and bright and cheery. I feel like I’m bringing the sunshine to Rhode Island when wearing it.

3. I’m a foam rolling champion. (She-Ra attitude clearly expands to all of my running-related activities) After each run, I return to use the foam roller and then ice for at least 10 minutes. I’m finding that these two activities are really impacting my residual soreness as my leg is getting used to running again.

Here’s to another great week of slowly, but surely increasing mileage! Channel your inner She-Ra, He-Man, or whomever brings you the power.


Let me know your thoughts!

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